SERVICES - Application Development

Application Development produces unique software applications that people use for websites, desktops, CMS, KMS, Intranet and Extranet.

Our service allows you to build customized applications for different needs, such as Web Development, Business Automation, Travel portal, Transportation and Logistics, Social Media, tender portal and Online Web Business, stores or eCommerce.

We deliver solutions that are of the highest level of performance and scalability. Our custom solution gives you liveliness and improves productivity, and at the same time saves your money and time–control large amounts of data and content with no difficulty, create distinctive and valuable features on your website that suits your specific needs and offers interactivity to your users.

Camila’s full-featured solutions include App Development, App integration, Application Maintenance, SEO, Social Media Services and User interface prototyping. Right from simple content website application to complex electronic business applications, we can help you with a range of solutions.

Our Specialty

  • Excellent domain knowledge backed by full-bodied technical expertise
  • Has capability to architect scalable web applications that add value to your business
  • First-rate UI prototyping enables you to get a visual feel of solution.
  • Our Project Management Tool helps you successfully communicate with our team member and take the update

Custom Applications

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Work Force Management (WFM)
  • Dealer – Distributor Management
  • Maintenance and enhancement of existing application
  • Web and Portal Application Development
  • Application migration
  • Database Migration
  • Inventory Management and CMS tool
  • Learning Management System
  • E-Commerce/Shopping Cart
  • Subscription Management, Survey, classified site, guestbook, and more


  • Invest great amount of time in understanding your custom requirement and business need
  • Carefully plan, design, build, tests and implements applications within guideline
  • Agile development process with SCRUM
  • Full integration
  • On-time delivery and within the budget

Tools and Techniques

  • PHP, ASP.Net, Ajax, Adobe Flash / Flex, Silverlight
  • Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, NoDB
  • Joomla, WordPress, SharePoint

With state-of-art- technology, our dedicated and world-class team has an exceptional blend of technical expertise, subject knowledge, result oriented management and extensive experience, who believe in developing long-lasting business solution that satisfies your needs. We at Camila ensure you to cater the best, robust and scalable Web Applications & Software application development.

Application Development

Application Development produces unique software applications that people use for websites, desktops, CMS, KMS, Intranet


We draw upon our software delivery expertise to help our clients see their toughest challenges through a different lens

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